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Good news: your friendly neighborhood Church of Scientology is expanding their golf course! Bad news: that involves evicting all the residents of Sleepy Hollow, a 30-year-old trailer park located near their San Jacinto headquarters. 21 tenants have already left the premises, but two brave souls are holding out.

Candice Savage and Joseph Neely have already been served their eviction notices, which named yesterday as their deadline to leave, with or without their RVs. As of today, they still haven't budged, pointing to a state law which requires them to be given at least one year notice to vacate a mobile home park.

It's not like the Church has been entirely unfeeling in this whole, unfortunate affair. At first, they offered Savage $800 and two months to leave. She refused, so the offer was withdrawn. But the kindness didn't end there:

"In order to assist them in their move, their rent was waived," according to a church statement sent by Catherine Fraser, director of public affairs for Golden Era, which produces Scientology training videos and audio tapes and operates a golf course, both off Gilman Springs Road.

I'm sure there's a reasonable resolution to this matter, which probably involves unmarked vans crashing through the Sleepy Hollow gates in the dead of night. But think of the golf course! The glorious, glorious golf course. My handicap-thetans are already dropping like flies. [The Press-Enterprise]