A cast member says it's on its way out next year, but other people say it's not. Who to believe?? Also today: Snow White might have finally found her huntsman, the next Batman movie heads to the big PA, and we have to talk about Hunger Games.

  • Last night at a fundraiser for the National Dance Institute, persistently outspoken actor Alec Baldwin said that 30 Rock would be ending after next season. Oh no! What will we do without NBC's second-best sitcom (after the brilliant and not-at-all-offensive Outsourced, duhhh)?? Well, actually, let's not panic just yet. While Baldwin has long maintained that he'll be leaving after next year, sources at NBC say that there have been no discussions about ending the show all together. So maybe Baldwin just figures, rightly, that without him there is no show? I mean, who could replace him? It would be like doing The Office without Steve Carell! Oh, wait. Right. [TV Line]
  • Speaking of that bungle, Ray Romano, James Spader, and British comedienne Catherine Tate will join Ricky Gervais and Will Arnett on The Office's star-studded season finale. It's not likely that any of them will be replacing Carell for the long-haul, but you never know! If they simply have to continue the show, I'm still hoping the replacement will be Catherine O'Hara. Wouldn't that be something? Something good from something bad, is what it'd be. [EW]
  • It was announced yesterday that Christopher Nolan's third Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, will film primarily in Pittsburgh, presumably replacing the Chicago of The Dark Knight and the London of Batman Begins (which also had some Chicago in it). Makes sense. If any American city was going to be full of crazy gigantic bats and marauding bands of mask-wearing criminals, it'd be Pittsburgh. (Seriously though, I kind of love Pittsburgh and think it will be way more atmospheric than the oddly bland Chicago was in the second film.) [Deadline]
  • Cackling and shrieking while glitter cannons fired and flames belched up from the stage, executives from the Bravo for finger snappers have announced their slate of new shows. They are: a show about some jeweler guy, another series about house flippers, something with a makeup artist that has the dreadful title of Face Down, another stylist show, a series called Women of Wall Street, and another working women of New York program called Gallery Girls, about girls who work in galleries. So it's all New York zip and LA looks, as per usual. Just once I'd like to see Bravo do a show about ugly jobless losers who live in a terrible place. Oh wait. Silly me. They already do! [THR]
  • It seems that Universal is looking to snag Hugh Jackman for Snow White and the Huntsman. Upon hearing that he had been offered a role in the film, Jackman clapped his hands and said "Oooh, I do so love playing a wicked queen!" He then reportedly sulked for a few hours after learning they actually wanted him for the huntsman. [Deadline]
  • So I know this news is a little old, but I was gallivanting around Barcelona (what a terrible city — I mean who wants beaches and windy medieval streets in the same city, plus all the cafes and wine and ham and fried cheese, just horrible) when it broke and we needs to talks about it. Hunger Games, guys. They cast Gale and Peeta, and they will be: Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson respectively. Huh??? For whaaa??? No. En. Oh. Absolutely not! Right? I mean, Hutcherson sorrrt of works as Peeta, he's goofy-cute the way I kind of imagine Peeta to be, but Liam Hemsworth is far too thick and blonde for who I imagine tall, wiry Gale to be. I mean, I know it's the saddest thing in the world to get upset about young adult sci-fi book adaptation movie casting, but I am. I'm upset. I'm worried about this movie guys. What do you all think? [EW]

[Photo via NBC]