In your serene Wednesday media column: Jay Severin gets canned, a blogger sues over working conditions, Pinch defends his paywall, Hearst is full of catty status-seekers, and Rachel Maddow will make you a martyr.

  • Jay Severin, a right-wing Boston talk radio Masshole, has been fired from his astoundingly well-paid gig for saying on air that he slept with a bunch of female interns on his show. Well, at least his fans can still watch Glenn Be-... oh no.
  • A blogger for FindLaw is suing parent company Thomson Reuters, alleging that Reuters bloggers "regularly worked in excess of eight hours a day without compensation" and were "encouraged to skip lunch breaks and instead churn out copy." Is that illegal? I'm calling my lawyer, brb.
  • Pinch Sulzberger is fed up with people who think the NYT paywall pricing plan is complex. (And he's right!) You know what's complex? Tom Friedman's basement sex dungeon. We can talk about complex.
  • Keith Kelly says that Hearst is planning to move the offices of newly purchased Elle and Elle Decor into its Manhattan headquarters. And furthermore, "Lots will be made of which floor the new arrivals are assigned to, since the higher the floor, the higher a magazine's status in the Hearst hierarchy." Grow up. You sicken me, all of you.
  • Rachel Maddow is warning her viewers that they may be TARGETED by conservative groups just for watching her show. Oh Jesus.

[Photo via WTKK-FM]