New Hampshire's Republican voters will have so many wonderful candidates to choose from in the first 2012 presidential primary, but two of them rise above the field.

There's Mitt Romney, a walking credit card who keeps swiping to purchase the United States Presidency but can't seem to get the charge through, and Donald Trump, a pretend clown-candidate from television who'll drop out as soon as he has to file a financial disclosure form. In the latest primary poll, these two dominate the New Hampshire field, with Romney earning 27% to Trump's 21%.

Mitt Romney has spent the last four years of his life running for president full time, and yet here's this bloated parody of capitalism, famous for saying "You're Fired" on network television to '80s rock stars and the like, who's now a few percentage points away from taking Romney's northern stronghold without doing jackshit. Maybe that's what's going on with this poll: People would vote for Donald Trump just for the pleasure of fucking with Mitt Romney. Better pour in another $50 million of your own money, Mittens! "Donald Trump" is hot on the trail.

[Images via AP]