Pervy American Apparel CEO Dov Charney told The Village Voice's Rosie Gray that he is "touched" to be "one of Gawker's death subjects," and while we never thought we'd say this, we are deeply excited to be touching Dov Charney (apparently to death?):

I am just touched that I am one of Gawker's death subjects. I've won an award, they've given me an award for my ad campaign, I think it was the sexiest ad campaign of the year. I'm touched by all the attention they give me. I received a number of prank phone calls yesterday, and one prank caller from London who I found remarkably interesting said, you know, that the reason she's so excited about me is that because she thinks there's a movement that is rejecting the notion that one needs to live a restrained life in order to make it right now. It's this agreement that's taken place between the politically correct left and the religious right, and we're experiencing a kind of social McCarthyism. Things are so tight that you can't just enjoy yourself and be free and transparent and open without getting stabbed for it. I hope to be a trailblazer, or someone on the forefront of thinking differently and being different.

To be honest, we kind of tuned out when he started talking about his new friend in London and "social McCarthyism" or whatever. But we should clarify that we don't have any memory of giving Dov Charney any kind of award, and if we did, well, we were probably drunk, and could he please send it back to us. (For the record, the sexiest ad campaign of 2010 was definitely the French gay bestiality one.)

Still, it's an improvement over last year's Voice interview with Charney, when he accused us of "fucking people." The nerve!

[Village Voice, photo of Charney via Getty]