American corporations have made untold millions by shipping all their call centers and tech support jobs out to India, where you can get nice, educated workers at a fraction of the cost. Or can you?

The WSJ notes the flaw in our heretofore flawless free trade system: the schools in India kind of suck, apparently. Turns out there weren't just millions and millions of highly-skilled engineers laying around India with nothing to do. They just made them all when the demand picked up!

India appears to have met the demand for more educated workers with a quantum leap in graduates. Engineering colleges in India now have seats for 1.5 million students, nearly four times the 390,000 available in 2000...

But 75% of technical graduates and more than 85% of general graduates are unemployable by India's high-growth global industries, including information technology and call centers.

Jesus Christ, might corporations have to start moving these jobs back to America, where workers are marginally better educated but much more expensive? That would be horrible, for corporations. And more importantly, what will this mean for NBC's Outsourced?

[WSJ, photo of "Outsourced" cast via NBC]