Don't pull that trigger just yet, suicidal chronically unemployed Americans: Mcdonald's is hiring 50,000 new workers right here in the USA, for positions ranging from cleaning grease traps to supervising the cleaning of grease traps to creating spreadsheets that rank the most cost-effective methods of cleaning grease traps. It's all part of a McDonald's effort to keep its grease traps clean. Along with its image!

"McJob is going to enter the conversation," said Rick Wion, social-media director at McDonald's USA. "Rather than avoid the term, let's embrace it and turn it on its ear."

"Soooo... I heard you got a McJob."
"Yeah, so?"
"[Shoots you in the ear and steals your pocket change, to buy McDonald's food at employee discount.]"

It gets better, McJob holders.

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