Philadelphia's misbehaving news anchors are the most exciting thing to come out of the Philly media scene since AJ Daulerio! Former Philly CBS anchor Alycia Lane (pictured) is famous for slugging a cop and emailing bikini photos of herself; fellow former Philly anchor Larry Mendte made his name by hacking into Lane's email and thereby destroying his career. Today: more details than you probably care to know about the relationship between the two!

It's all thanks to a lawsuit filed by Lane against her former employer, alleging that they smeared her reputation. The New York Post got the depositions. And, you know... stories vary. Larry Mendte's story:

"Alycia unhooked her seat belt and — actually, while I was driving, straddled me and started kissing me, and we — I pulled off to the side of the road and that continued for a while. There was some fondling."

Alycia Lane's story:

[She] believes Mendte "is a sociopathic narcissist." ...

She said Mendte gave her a Starbucks toy, a frog dressed as a prince, "because he knew I didn't find him attractive."

"I tossed [it] out promptly because [it] creeped me out."

True love! Or maybe not? Thank god this will all play out in full view of the Northeast's most voracious tabloids.

[NYP. Photo: AP]