Rebecca Black's "Friday" is so terrible that… her mom and the production company that made the song and video are fighting over it. A "Friday" legal battle is brewing, and it's not about who should be sent to Music Prison over the song.

Yes, people are actually fighting over who owns "Friday," now that it's become an unlikely hit with Stephen Colbert covering it on Fallon and everything. Well, actually they're fighting over who owns the pile of money attached to "Friday". A lawyer representing Rebecca's mom, Georgina Marquez Kelly, sent the vanity production company that made the song, Ark Music Factory, a letter accusing them of "copyright infringement and unlawful exploitation of publicity rights," according to Rolling Stone.

The letter says that Ark promised "100 percent ownership and control" of 'Friday' when Kelly paid them $4,000 to make her daughter a tween meme. And, it claims, Ark violated their agreement by selling an unauthorized "Friday" ringtone on the site and using Black's image to promote their business.

Ark Music Factory CEO Patrice Wilson told Rolling Stone that "I have met with Rebecca Black's mom and everything is fine. She will get the masters and the song. They can have it all." But Wilson's lawyer says that, au contraire, the contract they signed "was not court-approved" and vowed to fight Black's camp if they tried to usurp control of (the money made by) "Friday".

Come on, obviously Patrice Wilson deserves all the money, since the lyrics of "Friday" sprung from the searing forge fire of his mind. As he told us: "I was writing different songs all night and was like, 'Wow, I've been up a long time and it's Friday.' And I was like, wow, it is Friday!" Should we not reward such genius?