The beefy young man who got caught on camera having sex on the roof of a building at USC is so ashamed he's apparently gone into hiding. Come on, buddy, now's your moment!

We've yet to receive additional information to support our theory that the guy is Kasey Carpenter. The Daily Mail claims to have learned the guy's identity, but isn't releasing it to "protect him from the damaging repercussions of his own foolishness." That's odd: It's not like the British press to show restraint. (Peaches Geldof wishes they would use such kid gloves on her.)

Still the Daily Mail says that the student—let's call him Kasey Carpenter—is the son of wealthy parents who live in a beach town in southern California, and that he graduated from a rural, conservative Christian high school. Apparently he isn't on campus and hasn't talked to anyone, especially the media, since the photos of his rooftop romp went viral earlier this week. One source said, "'He is mortified. His name swept through the dorms within minutes of the pictures appearing online."

We received Kasey Carpenter's email address and a potential work phone number for him yesterday. He hasn't responded to our emails, and the number went to an employee of the university who refused to answer any questions about Carpenter or the incident. Come on, Kasey, this is your big chance to make something of yourself. If this isn't going to get you your 15 minutes, what will?

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