Too busy to sit down in front of the ol' boob tube this week? Here's what you missed.

See Tina Fey Drop an F-Bomb During Her Acceptance Speech at the Comedy Awards
Yes, the Comedy Central's new awards show dedicated to all things funny was filmed over the weekend and we have to wait two more weeks to watch it. However, here's a clip of the good stuff: Tina Fey stating that she's "fucking crushing Helen Mirren at acting."

Dissecting Grey's Anatomy's Reprehensible Musical Episode
Not every show on television can be Glee, and Grey's Anatomy proved this theory last night with their "interesting" take on the dramatic musical. Sure, some of the cast members have appeared on Broadway before, but that does not mean the trainwreck was worth the extra three minutes that screwed up your DVR last night.

Breaking: Kathie Lee Gifford Has Given Up Drinking Wine
What will the Today Show's 4th hour do without Kathie Lee's incessant absorption of vino?

Snooki Discusses Her Relationship With Vinny on the Jersey Shore Finale
A heartbroken Snooki was asked about her crush on and hookups with fellow cast-mate Vinny, who she felt "turned into like a jerk-off" during the season. One thing is clear, though: she does not like him for his "seabiscut" (the apparent name of his penis.)

Elton John and Jason Sudeikis Pay Homage to Benny Hill in New SNL Promos
This weekend, Sir Elton John will be Saturday Night Live's host and musical guest. While Elton John's name isn't necessarily associated with hysteric laughter, this cute promo gives some reassurance to his comedic chops.

We Dare You Not to Crack a Smile While Watching Parks and Recreation's Gag Reel
Sure, Parks and Recreation was off last night, but here's something to cheer you up: 15 whole minutes of bloopers from the show's second season. Beyond the cast's hilarious slip-ups, the reel boasts laughs with the show's guest stars like Louis C.K., Andy Samberg, Justin Theroux, and some cute scenes with Amy Poheler and hubby Will Arnett.

Let's All Watch Gary Busey Accidentally Flash His Junk
Last night on the Celebrity Apprentice, Gary Busey continued his crazy train by giving us a flash of his "Big Wednesday." What's that, you ask? Said Gary, "That's what my fiance calls my, uh, apparatus."

Karl Pilkington Recalls His First Peek into a Men's Beefcake Magazine
On Friday's installment of The Ricky Gervais Show, Karl Pilkington told a story about the time he went to the doctor's office-only to become entranced by an issue of Boyz Magazine.

The Soup Highlights Gary Busey on KLTA, the O.C. Housewives and E! News
This week, The Soup had a lot to work with. Here's a few clips from the episode featuring Gary Busey's crazy KLTA appearance, the Real Housewives of Orange County's bathtub scene, and even their home network/Ryan Seacrest's reporting skills.

Dancing With the Stars Contestants Become Self-Aware (About Their Boobs)
This week on Dancing With the Stars, our favorite contestants started realizing a few things about themselves. Kirstie Alley realized she's Maksim's fattest partner and both Kendra and Wendy Williams had a few realizations about their breasts.

And we're just getting started! Many more of the not-to-be-missed TV moments from the week that was, after the jump!

Conan's Linguistic Expert to Decodes What the Talking Twin Babies Were Really Saying
Surely by now you've seen the video of two baby twins "talking" to each other, but what were they really saying? Conan hired an expert of child linguistics to decipher what they said—who knew babies cared so much about Libya?

Conan and Jake Gyllenhaal Discuss the "Beard Community"
On a beard-centric Conan, Jake Gyllenhaal dropped by to have a manly discussion about beards and the beard community. Apparently it's not uncommon for people with beards to gravitate towards each other and have a giant guffaw over the ruggedness of each others beards.

See American Idol's Casey Abrams Go Crazy With Product Endorsement
During last night's Late Night, Jimmy Fallon donned a wig and a fake beard and added another impression to his collection-that of Idol's Casey Abrams. In the sketch, Fallon plays a desperate Abrams trying to cash in on his 15 minutes.

Adam McKay and Will Ferrell Explain the Key Elements to Making a Successful Viral Video
In another clip from the upcoming Comedy Awards, the men behind Funny or Die—Will Ferrell and Adam McKay—discussed what goes into making a hit viral video. Adam McKay highlighted kitties and puppies, while Will Ferrell highlighted the raunchier hits. [NSFW]

Liv Tyler and Jimmy Fallon Dig Up Their Old Star Search Audition Tape
Last night on Late Night, Liv Tyler and Jimmy Fallon debuted this "lost tape" from a Star Search audition. Known as "Pleather and Lace" at the time, their terrible-sounding, awkward performance is made up for by their fantastic matching outfits.

Norm MacDonald and Steve Martin Feud Over Twitter
On last night's Late Show, Norm MacDonald explained his fight with Steve Martin over twitter—that all began by one misunderstood tweet. At the time, Norm didn't realize a TwitPic was attached to Steve's tweet and that's where the confusion began.

Watch Gayle King Accidentally Walk Into a Wall on Late Night
When Oprah's BFF appeared on Jimmy Fallon's late-night show, she had a bit of a malfunction when she knocked into the wall during her entrance. She admits to trying "to play it off like I was just dancing" as soon as her interview started.

Olivia Munn Knows What Guys Like to Talk About: Balls
When Olivia Munn appeared on Conan, she outed Andy Ricther as a man with gigantic balls. Apparently her first time meeting Andy, he and a friend were discussing their nut-sizes—Andy's are like bean bag chairs—and then she went ahead and asked Paul Giamatti the same.

Bart Simpson's Prank Calls to Moe Evolve for the Texting Generations
It had to happen eventually. Instead of going to the trouble of making an entire phone call, Bart can now embarrass Moe with digital ease through texting.

Jimmy Fallon Makes Late Night Ice Cream Cake with Martha Stewart
This morning Jimmy Fallon had Martha Stewart try his caramel fudge-covered potato chip cluster ice cream. Then Martha showed him how to make ice cream cake when he wasn't eating ingredients and trying to put them back in the cake.

Bethenny Frankel Caught Between Bloods and Crips in Housewives Battle
On Wendy Williams, Bethenny Frankel shares her experience when out socializing with the Atlanta Housewives. Also, she squashes rumors about the other ladies being jealous of her success after leaving the New York Housewives cast.

Jeffrey Tambor and Craig Ferguson Discuss Their Shoe and Penis Sizes
The lovable Jeffrey Tambor appeared on the Late Late Show last night and immediately noticed that he was wearing the same jacket as the clip from his show he'd brought along. The pair then discussed clothing sizes, shoe sizes, and—why not?—the size of their members.

America's Next Top Model: The Fame Monster vs. the Mud Monster
With eight girls to go and the competition halfway over, things are getting messy. Professor Tyranimal surprises the girls with a little school lesson in archetyping and autographing.

Archer: Pam Gets Abducted
During last night's episode of Archer, we got to learn a lot more about the show's "lesser" characters, Cheryl and Pam. When Pam gets abducted by people who think that she's actually Cheryl, we learn that Cheryl's had a secret all along.

Conan Warns of the Hidden Dangers in Wearing Skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans are apparently the leading cause of men becoming delusional these days. How? They fit so tight that they push all the blood to the brain, thus putting the man a confused state. Even Andy Richter has fallen prey to the craze.

See the Britney Spears Scene from Jackass 3D That Didn't Make the Final Cut
On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Johnny Knoxville showed a deleted clip from Jackass 3D, featuring everyone's favorite pop princess participating in the famous port-a-potty bungee stunt.

Chris Rock on His Beloved Mets: "They Got No Money!"
Yesterday was baseball's opening day, and Chris Rock admitted to being a tried and true Mets fan. However, he couldn't help but make fun of the fact that his team is broke.

Watch Danny McBride Enter the Jimmy Kimmel Live Set on a Horse
In what really is the perfect entrance for Kenny Powers, Danny McBride entered the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live on a horse (being led by a page-boy and wearing his garb from Your Highness.)

Here's Kourtney Kardashian's Acting Debut on One Life to Live
Yesterday, Kourtney Kardashian made her first foray into acting (we don't count her many, family-based reality shows) on the ABC soap One Life to Live. The name of her character? Obviously, another one with the same initials as the rest of the Kardashian Klan: Kassandra Kavanaugh.

Gary Busey Complains About His Interview Being Too Short on Access Hollywood Live
After discussing his on-the-spot word acronyms and the Celebrity Apprentice, Gary's interview with Kit and Star Jones began to finish up—but he wasn't ready for it. While Grey's Anatomy's Sara Ramirez was being teased, he shouted "is that it?" three times before jumping up and clapping.

Ellen Digs Up James Marsden's Old Headshots From the 90s
On today's Ellen, the host shared a few of James Mardsen's modeling photos from his early acting days. Pro: James Marsden is not wearing a shirt. Con: That horrible trend of mens headwear in the 90s.

The Triumphant Return of Web Soup — Now With 50% More Poop Jokes!
After a cold open featuring a zombified Chris Hardwick invading the set of Tosh.0, G4TV's Web Soup quickly returned to business: riffing on the enormous pile of internet "crap" that's accumulated in the 41 weeks since the series last aired.

Regis Philbin and David Letterman Make Plans to Retire Together
After pointing out the ridiculousness of Regis's sleeves—being embroidered with his name and all—Dave and Reege discussed retiring, the "stooges" that may replace them (like Jeff Probst and Ryan Seacrest) and riding off into the sunset together.

Vanessa Hudgens Teaches George How To Belly Dance on Lopez Tonight
Vanessa Hudgens—she of High School Musical, Sucker Punch, and naked photo fame—stopped by Lopez Tonight to show off her newly minted belly dancing skills. It's easy—you just move one buttcheek at a time like you're putting it over a stool!

Here's Your First Look at NBC's Brand-New Paul Reiser Show
Yes, NBC is giving the axe to Perfect Couples and won't even finish airing the show's original episodes. So what's taking over in its place? A new show from ...Paul Reiser? Here's a short scene that's a hint at what's in store.