Today at Gawker.TV, Kathie Lee Gifford gives up drinking, Chris Rock is sad the Mets are broke, Bethenny Frankel dishes on Housewives drama, the Jersey Shore reunion and we dissect the disaster that was Grey's Anatomy's musical episode.

Dissecting Grey's Anatomy's Reprehensible Musical Episode
Not every show on television can be Glee, and Grey's Anatomy proved this theory last night with their "interesting" take on the dramatic musical. Sure, some of the cast members have appeared on Broadway before, but that does not mean the trainwreck was worth the extra three minutes that screwed up your DVR last night.

Breaking: Kathie Lee Gifford Has Given Up Drinking Wine
What will the Today Show's 4th hour do without Kathie Lee's incessant absorption of vino?

Chris Rock on His Beloved Mets: "They Got No Money!"
Yesterday was baseball's opening day, and Chris Rock admitted to being a tried and true Mets fan. However, he couldn't help but make fun of the fact that his team is broke.

Snooki Discusses Her Relationship With Vinny on the Jersey Shore Finale
A heartbroken Snooki was asked about her crush on and hookups with fellow cast-mate Vinny, who she felt "turned into like a jerk-off" during the season. One thing is clear, though: she does not like him for his "seabiscut" (the apparent name of his penis.)

We Dare You Not to Crack a Smile While Watching Parks and Recreation's Gag Reel
Sure, Parks and Recreation was off last night, but here's something to cheer you up: 15 whole minutes of bloopers from the show's second season. Beyond the cast's hilarious slip-ups, the reel boasts laughs with the show's guest stars like Louis C.K., Andy Samberg, Justin Theroux, and some cute scenes with Amy Poheler and hubby Will Arnett.

Norm MacDonald Tries to Talk American Politics, Challenges IBM's Watson on the Daily Show
Realizing that he was about to appear on a political show, Norm MacDonald attempted to brush up on his current events. But seeing as he's Canadian, Norm's not exactly on-point about anything, but he remained hilarious throughout the interview—and that's what matters!

Bethenny Frankel Caught Between Bloods and Crips in Housewives Battle
On Wendy Williams, Bethenny Frankel shares her experience when out socializing with the Atlanta Housewives. Also, she squashes rumors about the other ladies being jealous of her success after leaving the New York Housewives cast.

Jeffrey Tambor and Craig Ferguson Discuss Their Shoe and Penis Sizes
The lovable Jeffrey Tambor appeared on the Late Late Show last night and immediately noticed that he was wearing the same jacket as the clip from his show he'd brought along. The pair then discussed clothing sizes, shoe sizes, and—why not?—the size of their members.

Archer: Pam Gets Abducted
During last night's episode of Archer, we got to learn a lot more about the show's "lesser" characters, Cheryl and Pam. When Pam gets abducted by people who think that she's actually Cheryl, we learn that Cheryl's had a secret all along.

Stephen Colbert Honors Hero in the Fight for Men's Rights
On last night's Colbert Report, Stephen honored Difference Maker Roy Den Hollander for his heroism in the fight against male oppression. And ladies? Roy's single (and wants you back in the kitchen).

Johnny Knoxville Details His Trouble With the Law
During a recent questioning during jury selection, Johnny Knoxville had to responded honestly and openly about his previous meetings with the police. After giving us a few stories, we discover that no, he wasn't the kind of juror the courts were looking for.

Sheldon's World of Warcraft Character Hacked on The Big Bang Theory
When Sheldon's World of Warcraft character gets robbed, the mighty Sheldor, hero of the eastern Kingdoms, has a full on panic attack. To be fair, I think we'd all be pretty upset if our battle ostrich was stolen, too.