In your finally Friday media column: college journo gone wild, a new deputy editor at Page Six, the Arianna-NYT feud evolves, Jeff Zucker's new hustle, and media fools.

  • Police say that Tyler Wolfe, a 21 year-old reporter for the Marshall University student paper, wrote a bunch of graffiti all over campus. So what, right, who even cares about this stupid graffiti? Tyler Wolfe does, because he "used his position as a university reporter to obtain information about the case while at the same time destroying state property himself." He wrote about the graffiti, in the paper, while he was the one doing it! That goes against every ethical standard in journalism, and is also a little bit cool.
  • Ian Mohr, a Hollywood Reporter veteran, is the new deputy editor of Page Six. Welcome to hell, sir.
  • The NYT Magazine's interview this week is with none other than thorn in Bill Keller's side Arianna Huffington! The Greek Aggre-Goddess says a bunch of lies about how HuffPo is "Beyond left and right." It's more "left plus lots of pap," I'd say. We here at Gawker are Socialist to the bone marrow! More feuding, less mischaracterizationalizing, Arianna! (But points to her for doing the interview.)
  • Failed former NBC chief Jeff Zucker has a new hustle: producing some spy movie. Jeff Zucker's skill set is well suited to this endeavor.
  • Every media company's April Fool's prank this year is dumb. Try harder, or stop.