The internet is all a flutter about the students who got caught on camera having sex on top of a building at USC. Gossip sites and internet comments (we all know how reliable those are) name the guy as Kappa Sigma member Kasey Carpenter, and this isn't the first time he was on film.

According to a tipster, Carpenter costarred in this music video by Megg, a bland popstress and fellow USC student. He's supposedly the guy in red plaid who breaks up with his girlfriend for Megg. (You can also see him in the behind the scenes footage.)

Though it was pretty simple to verify that there is a member of USC's Sigma Kappa chapter who is named Kasey Carpenter, we couldn't find any photos of him except (possibly) the offending ones from the rooftop, so we couldn't pair them up with the guy in the video. But based on how hot and heavy he makes Megg, he seems like just the type of guy who could get a woman to have sex with him on the roof.

If you know anything about Kasey Carpenter or the boy in the video give us a shout.