Today at Gawker.TV, Gayle King makes a clumsy entrance onto Late Night, Gary Busey will leave an interview when he's ready to, Idol's Casey Abrams tries to cash in on his 15 minutes and Norm MacDonald explains his twitter feud with Steve Martin.

Norm MacDonald and Steve Martin Feud Over Twitter
On last night's Late Show, Norm MacDonald explained his fight with Steve Martin over twitter—that all began by one misunderstood tweet. At the time, Norm didn't realize a TwitPic was attached to Steve's tweet and that's where the confusion began.

Watch Gayle King Accidentally Walk Into a Wall on Late Night
When Oprah's BFF appeared on Jimmy Fallon's late-night show, she had a bit of a malfunction when she knocked into the wall during her entrance. She admits to trying "to play it off like I was just dancing" as soon as her interview started.

Stephen Colbert Claims James O'Keefe Is "Like Gallagher, but with More Dildos"
On last night's Colbert Report, Stephen discussed right-wing investigative prankster James O'Keefe's recent request for donations from his supporters. Apparently, dildos and pimp costumes cost more than they used to.

See American Idol's Casey Abrams Go Crazy With Product Endorsement
During last night's Late Night, Jimmy Fallon donned a wig and a fake beard and added another impression to his collection-that of Idol's Casey Abrams. In the sketch, Fallon plays a desperate Abrams trying to cash in on his 15 minutes.

Watch Danny McBride Enter the Jimmy Kimmel Live Set on a Horse
In what really is the perfect entrance for Kenny Powers, Danny McBride entered the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live on a horse (being led by a page-boy and wearing his garb from Your Highness.)

Gary Busey Complains About His Interview Being Too Short on Access Hollywood Live
After discussing his on-the-spot word acronyms and the Celebrity Apprentice, Gary's interview with Kit and Star Jones began to finish up—but he wasn't ready for it. While Grey's Anatomy's Sara Ramirez was being teased, he shouted "is that it?" three times before jumping up and clapping.

Ellen Digs Up James Marsden's Old Headshots From the 90s
On today's Ellen, the host shared a few of James Mardsen's modeling photos from his early acting days. Pro: James Marsden is not wearing a shirt. Con: That horrible trend of mens headwear in the 90s.

Adam McKay and Will Ferrell Explain the Key Elements to Making a Successful Viral Video
In another clip from the upcoming Comedy Awards, the men behind Funny or Die—Will Ferrell and Adam McKay—discussed what goes into making a hit viral video. Adam McKay highlighted kitties and puppies, while Will Ferrell highlighted the raunchier hits. [NSFW]

America's Next Top Model: The Fame Monster vs. the Mud Monster
With eight girls to go and the competition halfway over, things are getting messy. Professor Tyranimal surprises the girls with a little school lesson in archetyping and autographing.

Certifiable Weatherman Has Personal Vendetta Against the Bronx Zoo Cobra
Weatherman Jim Kosek, better known for his snowpocalypse freak-out of 2010, was speaking directly to the escaped menace from the Bronx Zoo, a cobra snake, when providing his weather report.

Conan's Linguistic Expert to Decodes What the Talking Twin Babies Were Really Saying
Surely by now you've seen the video of two baby twins "talking" to each other, but what were they really saying? Conan hired an expert of child linguistics to decipher what they said—who knew babies cared so much about Libya?

The Triumphant Return of Web Soup — Now With 50% More Poop Jokes!
After a cold open featuring a zombified Chris Hardwick invading the set of Tosh.0, G4TV's Web Soup quickly returned to business: riffing on the enormous pile of internet "crap" that's accumulated in the 41 weeks since the series last aired.