Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Candice Swanepoel went to a Victoria's Secret event yesterday and made the fatal mistake of bending over. Now the blogosphere is "shocked" that she is "scarily, skeletally, stick-thin!" But is she any thinner than the size she has been rewarded for being, for years?

At left is the Victoria's Secret image that Hollywood Life claims is Candice during her "curvy" phase. In the center is Candice standing up straight at the "scarily, skeletally, stick-thin" photo call. And at right is Candice is last year's Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition. She is approximately the same size in all three pictures. Her crime, in the first pictures that so frightened the world, is being thin from a different angle than usual.

Moral of the Story: Women should be stick-thin, but they should also never move, lest they inadvertently reveal the full extent of their culturally mandated stick-thinness. [Images via Victoria's Secret/Hollywood Life, Splash, Sports Illustrated]