In your nor'easterly Thursday media column: The Daily's grim prospects, gritty Twitty New York City, newspapers will die, more awards news than is called for, and Arianna Huffington's latest outrage.

  • A new study of iPad users has some information about The Daily that may be of interest to News Corp: "the perception among those with the greatest interest in news that The Daily's content is lacking [and] that superior content is available elsewhere online for free." Hmm, interesting.
  • The future of newspapers: a grim and unending downward spiral, barring a totally new business model. Read all about it.
  • Felix Salmon and Elizabeth Spiers got into a Twitter tiff concerning the use of hyperlinks in Moe Tkacik's New York Observer story. Who says journalism isn't just as gritty and exciting as war, if not more so?
  • Do you care about the honorees at the Congressional Correspondent's Dinner, or who just won Peabody Awards? You fucking liar.
  • Just by giving some dumb speech at a dinner, Arianna Huffington helped raise almost $100K for the student newspaper at Columbia. Why doesn't Arianna Huffington care enough about the starving children of Eritrea to raise $100K for them? World's greatest monster.