Once in a while it's good to take a break from the snide and the sarcastic and do something good. In that spirit, we'd like to urge our New York readers to attend Skeletor Saves, a He-Man inspired art show, co-curated by our very own Brian Moylan, benefiting the Ali Forney Center for homeless LGBT youth.

The event is next Thursday, 4/7, at HeadQuarters Studio, 6-10pm. You can bid on any of the pieces at the show, but if you live out of town or can't make the show for any other reason and are interested in one (or more!) of the pieces, you can bid remotely by emailing skeletorsaves@gmail.com. Notables like Marc Jacobs and Helmut Lang are creating art for the event, so it's kind of a big deal! The Ali Forney Center does amazing outreach for LGBT kids and, like so many good organizations, is always in need of financial help. If you'd like to see Brian dressed as He-Man at the show, you can send those donations to me. I'll try to work something out.

So, come and support a good cause! A few more selections are below.

[Starseed by Jennifer Stratford]

[Orko by Marcelo Gallegos]

[The Seduction of He-Man by Justin Winslow]

[Top image: He-Man (Battles Skeltor) by Trey Speegle]