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Ah, spring in Los Angeles. The temperatures are climbing, the breasts are augmenting, and frat boys are copulating on rooftops. Yesterday, we shared photos of a Kappa Sigma fraternity member and female companion engaged in a variety of illicit yoga poses on the roof of USC's Waite Phillips Hall. Today we meet the man who took them.

The pictures were shot and uploaded on Saturday, and by today were surfacing in places as far afield as the Daily Mail. Coming on the heels of the incendiary leaked e-mail from another Kappa member which reduced women to "pies" and "gullets," USC's Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils—the NATO of beer pong tournaments—have leapt into action. Make no mistake: a meeting will most definitely be called to decide what steps to take next.

Meanwhile, the student who captured the fratty Adam and Eve has granted an interview to a campus news station. (A clip from the interview is above.) Shot from the chest down, his voice slowed so as to enhance the innate perv appeal, the fledgling photojournalist describes the scene from his dorm window — there were about 15 flabbergasted onlookers in all — before relaying his genuine surprise that pictures of two naked students doing it on a college rooftop might somehow stray from the relative safety of a Photobucket account. We know. We're as shocked as anyone.


Cameras Catch USC Students Having Sex on the Roof