Apparently Chris Brown, bellicose pop star, still has plenty of fans. Also today: the return of Dana Delaney and Nancy Travis makes us feel like it's 1994 all over again, Bryan Cranston gets a major role, and Kyle Chandler mulls his next move.

  • Chris Brown's new CD, F.A.M.E. (For Amy Madigan, Everywhere), was the number one album last week, selling 270,000 copies. So despite all of the stuff with the stuff with him, you know the stuff, people still like his music. And yet none of you bitches were buying Lindsay's music or seeing I Know Who Killed Me after she, what, ran her car into a palm tree? "Won't somebody think of the coconuts!" you all shrieked. I just don't get you people. Yes, I'm talking to you. [EW]
  • Here's a thing that's happening in the world: "casting is underway" for a Real Housewives of Toronto television series. Don't worry, it'll probably only air in Canada. Phew! But seriously, what is that show? Are the intro segments like "I'm politically moderate, my kid's on the show Degrassi, I've had the same haircut since 1991, and I'm loving it"? That's silly! Maybe you people who live there get the nuances, but like... are there nuances? I mean, who lives in Toronto other than Canadians who happen to live in Toronto? [THR]
  • Nancy Travis, the So I Married an Axe Murderer (among other things) actress who ably assisted in early-mid-'90s romantic comedies and did some sitcom stints, is coming back to television for the first time since Becker ended in 2004. (I am deliberately not counting The Bill Engvall Show because I refuse to believe that was a real thing — even though future Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence was on it!). She'll be playing Tim Allen's wife on his new pilot. Nancy Travis playing someone's long-suffering wife? Inconceivable. (Also note the Jere Burns news in that item. The '90s really are back!) [Deadline]
  • Speaking of ladies from the early-mid-'90s, the premiere of Dana Delaney's new show Body of Proof, about a tough-as-nails medical examiner who is somehow allowed to interrogate witnesses and get search warrants, did very well in the ratings last night, pulling in nearly 14 million viewers. Good for Dana Delaney. But mostly good for Kima from The Wire, who is also on this show. [The Wrap]
  • Breaking Bad hero Bryan Cranston has landed a new, villainous role. He'll be playing the evil Cohaagen in the remake of Total Recall. The weird thing about this remake? It has nothing to do with Mars apparently! Yup, it's just about two futuristic new countries called Euromerica and New Shanghai. So we can see where this world is headed, huh. [THR]
  • The wondrous Kyle Chandler, who coached football in Dillon, TX for five brilliant seasons, has been very choosy in picking his next project, but it looks like he's finally settled on something. It's an FX pilot called Powers, intended to be an entire series about the life of Powers Booth. No, you wish! It's actually about a world where superpowers are pretty commonplace and Chandler would play a detective who specializes in powers-related crime. Hm. Sounds a bit done, doesn't it? Oh well. If he's in it, it'll be good. Remember Early Edition?? [Deadline]
  • Well, it's back to the Housewives. Former New York Housewife Bethenny Frankel's spin-off reality show Bethenny Ever After has been renewed for a third season. Ohh I bet Jill and LuAnn are thrilllled about that. I bet it makes them so happy, to see Bethenny doing so well with her own show. Oh gosh they must love it, excitedly clutching the couch cushion so hard their nails pierce the fabric. [Vulture] Oh, and Brad Goreski from The Rachel Zoe Zoo is filming his own reality pilot called It's a Brad, Brad World, which will be about him doing this all day. [Out]

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