Reality TV blowhard, presumptive presidential candidate, and personal brand run rampant Donald Trump has been offered a makeover for his infamously surreal hairstyle. We're sure he gets these offers all the time, but this one was made by Oprah Winfrey. It's good as done.

Seriously, Trump can't run for president with the hair equivalent of Honeycomb cereal on the top of his head, can he? Oprah doesn't think so, and has approached Trump with an offer to give him a whole new look on one of her last programs. Knowing Trump he would never turn down publicity this good, and knowing Oprah she's sitting in her dressing room hugging a copy of The Secret and visualizing this into existence right now.

But what on earth would we do with Donald's hair? If you shave it all off, he might look too much like Kojak. And that would call too much attention to his unnatural orange hue.

I asked hairstylist Michael Angelo, the owner of New York's Wonderland Beauty Parlor what he would do to The Donald. "I really wonder what's under that combover. I'd have to start there. I'd love to see him in something classic, like a GQ gentleman. Just something really handsome and Cary Grant-esque! And the brows are a total SOS. They need TLC."

What would you guys do? A mohawk? Crew cut? Dye it gray? Hair plugs? Let us know in the comments.

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