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Marilyn Leisz can't close her eyes even when she sleeps, and she was in a New Jersey court yesterday suing her plastic surgeon Paul Parker, because she claims this is the result of a cosmetic eye surgery gone bad.

Parker testified that Leisz came to him to correct bumps on her eyelids from a different plastic surgery procedure and he warned her about the dangers—that she might be stuck with her eyes open like a caricature of A Clockwork Orange—before she went under the knife. Leisz had a different doctor testify that said Parker never should have done the procedure because Leisz already had too many surgeries.

What? Plastic surgeons now get to say, "Sorry, lady, you've had too much work. Time to step away from the easel." Never in the world has that ever happened. I mean, just look at every Real Housewife in all of America, or just Goldie Hawn! Remember there is something specially about growing old gracefully (at least until everything starts to sag).

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