American princess turned white English tea rose Gwyneth Paltrow loves to cook food. We know this. She's always nattering on about her love of cooking, and is even releasing a cookbook. So what's the next logical step the divine Ms. P? A food magazine, naturally!

Yes, the New York Post whispers today (a sound as fine as Paltrow's moon-silk hair) that the singing, dancing renaissance woman has something, well, cooking with Hearst, which has done well with both cooking (Food Network Magazine) and celebrity (O) publications in the best. So Gwyneth would be the perfect combination of the two! And what typical magazine-reading American woman can't relate to Gwyneth's everyday stresses and frenzies, like rushing home after a photo shoot or radio interview to throw a few organic, wizard-blessed supergluten pizzas into her London triple-garden pizza oven before her rock star husband gets home from rock star camp with the two angels they plucked from the pearly heavens and named Apple and Moses? I mean that's just typical mom/lady business. That is just what people can and want to relate to.

God I hope this happens.

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