There's another side to the contract dispute between Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner and AMC. We heard from an insider close to the negotiations this afternoon, who wanted to make it clear that what AMC is asking for isn't too crazy—at least in their opinion.

According to the source, the network asked show creator Matthew Weiner to cut two minutes from each episode, not three, as reported earlier by The Daily. That would make Mad Men just as long as every other show on AMC, the source explained. Also, AMC wasn't seeking to cut two characters (or even six, as some reported) from the show. It just didn't want to pay actors for an entire season's worth of work if they only appeared in one or two episodes, explained the insider.

As for integrating product placements, our source pointed out that the series already does it, AMC just wants it to be more transparent, so it's more obvious and there's more of it. We get that they need to make money, but no one ever wants more commercials. Can you picture Joan mugging for the camera while she picks up a can of Maxwell House to make coffee for the office? That's ridiculous! We all know Joan would never make the coffee.

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