Today at Gawker.TV, Britney performs on Good Morning America, Stephen Colbert makes a deal with Jimmy Fallon, the dangers of men's skinny jeans, Danny McBride shares an eggcellent story and Jake Gyllenhaal contemplates the "beard community" with Conan O'Brien.

Conan and Jake Gyllenhaal Discuss the "Beard Community"
On a beard-centric Conan, Jake Gyllenhaal dropped by to have a manly discussion about beards and the beard community. Apparently it's not uncommon for people with beards to gravitate towards each other and have a giant guffaw over the ruggedness of each others beards.

Danny McBride, Egg Superhero
Danny McBride shared tales of living in Northern Ireland with the cast during the filming of Your Highness. They lived above a rowdy club, but figured out a way to deal with the noise—throwing eggs at club-goers!

Dancing With the Stars Contestants Become Self-Aware (About Their Boobs)
This week on Dancing With the Stars, our favorite contestants started realizing a few things about themselves. Kirstie Alley realized she's Maksim's fattest partner and both Kendra and Wendy Williams had a few realizations about their breasts.

Stephen Colbert Pops Up on Late Night to Challenge Jimmy Fallon
On Late Night, Stephen Colbert (Jimmy's BFF for 6 months) came on to confront Jimmy and explain why he offered $26,000 of Fallon's money to charity. Jimmy countered and stated that if he raises the money, Stephen Colbert will sing "Friday" by Rebecca Black on Fallon!

Conan Warns of the Hidden Dangers in Wearing Skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans are apparently the leading cause of men becoming delusional these days. How? They fit so tight that they push all the blood to the brain, thus putting the man a confused state. Even Andy Richter has fallen prey to the craze.

Watch Britney Spears' "Big Fat Bass" Performance on Good Morning America
GMA featured a pre-taped Britney Spears concert to promote her new album "Femme Fatale." She also announced she would be touring with Enrique Iglesias this summer.

Brian Kilmeade Compares ‘Gender-Neutral' Housing to Three's Company
I'm not so sure Jack Tripper's reasoning for rooming with two women was quite the same as what these colleges have in mind. But that's okay Brian, you go pat yourself on the back for knowing some pop culture.

Russell Brand Shares a Tip For Alcoholics: Smell Booze to Act Drunk
Recovering alcoholic and Morticia Adams look-alike, Russell Brand, reveals his secret to acting drunk. A technique that Helen Mirren and Jennifer Garner picked up. Looks like Brand made Leno feel a bit uncomfortable with all the references.

Bethenny Frankel Talks About Her Nanny With George Lopez
Bethenny wanted to learn more about her nanny's Trinidadian roots so she and her baby accompanied the nanny to her church. Little did Bethenny know her child was about to get baptized under a new religion.

The Bronx Zoo's Missing Cobra Takes a Tour of Manhattan
In case you haven't heard-there's a King Cobra that's escaped from the Bronx Zoo and roaming around somewhere in New York City! Jon Stewart is just a little concerned for us: "he's a killing machine—and what are you, a graphic designer?"

Here's Your First Look at NBC's Brand-New Paul Reiser Show
Yes, NBC is giving the axe to Perfect Couples and won't even finish airing the show's original episodes. So what's taking over in its place? A new show from ...Paul Reiser? Here's a short scene that's a hint at what's in store.

Good News, Citizens! Sara Underwood's Cleavage Shoots Tasers
Well, you knew this was coming: witness the further adventures of Bustice, G4TV's heliotrope heroine. The patron saint of gratuitous cleavage proves that when you dress a hot woman in a superhero costume, good times are had by all.