is an extremely popular online one-stop shop for rap videos, sex videos, and ripped off random ass videos of disturbing occurrences in fast food outlets. It may not be as "classy" as other video sites like, uh, YouPorn, but it's making a pile of money for its founder, Queens high school dropout Lee O'Denat, a.k.a. Q.

Vibe magazine profiles Q today, and it turns out he's just as thoughtful and socially conscious as his site would suggest:

In fact, Q rarely misses an opportunity to squeeze a buck from his brand and beyond. One girl begged him to take down a clip in which she stripped naked while rapping along to Nicki Minaj's verse from "Monster." Like many humiliating moments inspired by alcohol and caught on camera, the clip ended up on She was desperate to get the footage off the Web, so she contacted Q and tearfully begged him to remove the clip. "She had been disowned, kicked out of her house," Q remembers, sounding sympathetic. Eventually he relented and took down the video, but only after she coughed up $500. "She had to pay up!" he cackles, rubbing his thumb and forefinger together.

He also believes in aliens! It's no surprise the internet loves you, Q.