Today at Gawker.TV, Tina Fey drops an F-bomb, Gary Busey flashes his penis on set, Justin Bieber and Drake skype with each other, and Karl Pilkington sees his first-ever beefcake magazine.

See Tina Fey Drop an F-Bomb During Her Acceptance Speech at the Comedy Awards
Yes, the Comedy Central's new awards show dedicated to all things funny was filmed over the weekend and we have to wait two more weeks to watch it. However, here's a clip of the good stuff: Tina Fey stating that she's "fucking crushing Helen Mirren at acting."

Let's All Watch Gary Busey Accidentally Flash His Junk
Last night on the Celebrity Apprentice, Gary Busey continued his crazy train by giving us a flash of his "Big Wednesday." What's that, you ask? Said Gary, "That's what my fiance calls my, uh, apparatus."

Karl Pilkington Recalls His First Peek into a Men's Beefcake Magazine
On Friday's installment of The Ricky Gervais Show, Karl Pilkington told a story about the time he went to the doctor's office-only to become entranced by an issue of Boyz Magazine.

The Soup Highlights Gary Busey on KLTA, the O.C. Housewives and E! News
This week, The Soup had a lot to work with. Here's a few clips from the episode featuring Gary Busey's crazy KLTA appearance, the Real Housewives of Orange County's bathtub scene, and even their home network/Ryan Seacrest's reporting skills.

Bart Simpson's Prank Calls to Moe Evolve for the Texting Generations
It had to happen eventually. Instead of going to the trouble of making an entire phone call, Bart can now embarrass Moe with digital ease through texting.

Jimmy Fallon Makes Late Night Ice Cream Cake with Martha Stewart
This morning Jimmy Fallon had Martha Stewart try his caramel fudge-covered potato chip cluster ice cream. Then Martha showed him how to make ice cream cake when he wasn't eating ingredients and trying to put them back in the cake.

Drake and Justin Bieber Sing "I Will Remember You" Over Skype
While hosting last night's Juno Awards, (They're Canadian. I'd never heard of them either) Drake got a skype call from an insecure Justin Bieber. How does he cheer up the little guy?

The Simpsons Pay Tribute to Futurama
Last night there was a blink-and-you-missed-it easter egg in the opening credits of The Simpsons. Perhaps it's a celebration by the Simpsons crew after Futurama's renewal?

Joan Rivers Blames Katie Holmes' Bad Fashion Choices on Scientology
Joan Rivers and the Fashion Police had a field day with Katie Holmes' recent visit to New York. The main focus, though, was on Suri's package of gummi penis candy and Katie wearing certain clothes "because it hides the tracking device."

A New King of the House Emerges on American Dad
Stan has always feared the day when the male cub is ready to take over the throne. Much to his surprise, Steve's growing vitality is evident as he upstages him in everyday tasks.

The Cast of Stand By Me Reunites on the Today Show
Over the weekend, the Today Show got the cast of Stand By Me back together with director Rob Reiner to relive the memories. Believe it or not, Jerry O'Connell still swears he was "healthy" as a kid, and not fat.

Sibling Rivalry and Spaghetti Westerns on Bob's Burgers
Louise and her dad spend quality time together watching late night TV and making fun of all the different people during a little game they like to call burn unit.