One of the all-time Top Five, or really Top One, Barack Obama conspiracy theories is back in the news! Did you know that Barack Obama's terrorist friend, former Weather Underground member Bill Ayers, secretly ghostwrote the president's memoir, Dreams From My Father? This story has been around for several years and still comically emerges from time to time, like right now. The wingnuts have caught Ayers "admitting" that he wrote Barack Obama's book, again, when he was clearly making fun of them for ever believing something so stupid.

The theory was primarily developed by World Net Daily lunatic Jack Cashill, who has spent a significant chunk of his human life trying to prove that a former domestic terrorist wrote Barack Obama's book in the mid-1990s. Then, in 2009, conservative blogger Anne Leary ran into Ayers at the airport and told him she was a conservative blogger, after which he said that he wrote Dreams From My Father and "if you can prove it, we can split the royalties." He was quite clearly fucking with her, but she believed it. (As did Jonah Goldberg, ha ha ha.)

Which brings us to last Thursday's encounter, where a college student at Montclair State University asked him a question about Barack Obama's books. You can watch the interaction in the clip above, but here's the relevant part:

Question: Also, you just mentioned the Pentagon and Tomahawk …

Ayers: Did you know that I wrote it, incidentally?

Question: What's that?

Ayers: I wrote that book.

Several audience members: Yeah, we know that.

Question: You wrote that?

Ayers: Yeah, yeah. And if you help me prove it, I'll split the royalties with you. Thank you very much.

[Laughter and applause]

He uses the same exact joke from two years ago. Yet here's the headline from Jerome Corsi at World Net Daily: "Bill Ayers admits (again) he wrote Obama bio." And here's Jack Cashill's, at a similar Internet-based atrocity called The American Thinker: "Ayers affirms he wrote Dreams from my Father." Cashill explains that Ayers' joke was a nervous admission of guilt! "Not surprisingly, Ayers retreated into irony as he ended the session," he writes. "With his final comment, the Ayers-friendly audience laughed in relief. The media will laugh nervously upon seeing the video as well. The White House will not."

Sorry, this was too easy.

[via Little Green Footballs]