Good news for the oxymoronic field of creationist paleontology: A newly discovered cave painting in southeastern Utah sort of resembles a long-necked dinosaur, which means humans and dinosaurs coexisted in Utah 6000 years ago, back when the planet was new, say officials from the Creationist Museum of Petersburg, Kentucky.

But! In online journal Palaeontologia Electronica, the scientists who discovered the petroglyph argue that it is a painting of a snake (or some other elongated wiggly thing) that got some schmutz underneath it. The creationists are mistaking schmutz for legs, the scientists say.

Unless it's a prelapsarian snake, from before Eve ate the apple and all snakes lost their legs for all of eternity, as punishment for encouraging the original sin!

And what about the isosceles triangle atop the dinosaur's back? I hereby postulate that the isosceles triangle is a wing, and proves that Jesus rode around the Garden of Eden on a Pegasus-Diplodocus hybrid, and commissioned a mud portrait of his noble steed. [Daily Mail, Paleaontologia Electronica, images via Paleaontologia Electronica]