For those hoping life will begin at 40: if you're a girl, you should really try to live it up now. A new study has found that women "consider themselves old by the time they reach 29," while men don't start to feel the pinch until they're 58.

Things that make the female half of the population feel over-the-hill include gray hairs, sagging skin, ceasing to feel "trendy and fashionable," and "behaving like their mother." On the other hand, a full two-thirds of their male counterparts cited decreased sexual performance as the real litmus test. (Another 22 percent admitted they felt past their prime when they started feeling annoyed by loud music in bars). "Men don't have to be good looking, but, for some reason, it's important for women to look presentable," says University of Lancaster professor Cary Cooper.

The research, which was commissioned by Avalon Funeral Plans (whose business interests would seem to favor putting the fear of death in you as early as possible), doesn't seem to include any tips for reversing the aging process, though it does note that "50 percent [of women] said they were still youthful until their 'assets' started to droop—often caused by childbirth and breast feeding." So, if nothing else, this little investigation has provided us with yet another good argument for birth control: men can keep up the life-affirming bedroom activity, women can avoid droopage, and everyone can stay—or at least feel—young forever!

[Daily Mail, image via Shutterstock]