Today at Gawker.TV, Rachel Maddow and Jimmy Fallon talk about America's rebuilding process, Kris Jenner sits in with Kathie Lee, Community does Pulp Fictionand a heartwarming proposal from The Office.

The Office: The Perfect Proposal Episode That Warmed Our Hearts
Well, this episode was a doozy. Aside from the surprising, sweet, awesome proposal clip, it showed us what is so great about this show, and why we should be hanging on to The Office even after Steve Carell's exit.

Stephen Colbert Reports on Reporters' Feud, Starts One of his Own
On last night's Colbert Report, Stephen reported on the ongoing feud between CNN's Nic Robertson and Fox News' Steve Harrigan. Not one to be outshined, Colbert decided to start a similar war of words with former boss Jon Stewart.

Parks and Recreation: Leslie's Next Big Idea
The Harvest Festival was a great success, and Leslie Knope is the woman responsible for the revitalization of the Parks Department. Unfortunately, this puts her in the position of coming up with a great new idea.

Rachael Maddow and Jimmy Fallon Talk About Rebuilding America
Spawned by a discussion about filming her latest MSNBC promos with Spike Lee at the Hoover Dam, Maddow and Fallon discussed the way "we have built our way out of hard times and we can do it again."

10 Classic Seinfeld Episodes That Couldn't Have Happened With Today's Modern Technology
Many episodes of Seinfeld revolved around the four main characters attempting to find each other. There's no doubt that with cell phones and other modern technology Seinfeld would have been a lot different.

Here's Your First Peek at Will Ferrell on The Office
While the tears in our eyes were drying after last night's proposal, NBC aired a short clip of what's to come on the show: Will Ferrell steps in as boss of Dunder Mifflin!

Archer's Terms of Enrampagement is Philadelphia Meets Magnum P.I.
Archer just loves paying homage to the men with mustaches that made the 80s such a masculine world to live in. On last night's episode, Archer took the opportunity to document his chemo treatment for the breast cancer he found out he had last episode.

Chris Noth Talks About His Ego on Morning Joe
Today on Morning Joe, Chris Noth was asked about a comment that his co-star, Jim Gaffigan, made about his ego. Wait, you're telling me the man who played Mr. Big has an ego? I'm shocked.

Community Goes Pulp Fiction …Kind Of
For Abed's birthday, Jeff went above and beyond his normal "detached, cool guy" demeanor and planned a surprise birthday party for Abed. But it wasn't just any birthday party. Because Abed idolizes Quentin Tarantino, it was a Pulp Fiction surprise party.

Hear the Long, Drawn-Out Tale of Kathie Lee and Kris Jenner's Road to Best Friend-dom
When television celebrities collide! Did you know that Kris Jenner (mother of all Kardashians) and Kathie Lee Gifford have been best friends for 35 years? Well, now you do.

Star Jones Defends Herself Against NeNe Leakes
On the Wendy Williams Show, Star Jones confronts conflicts and surrounding rumors concerning fellow Celebrity Apprentice cast member NeNe Leakes. Star has risen above it and slashes any claim this talk bothers her a bit.

See the Jersey Shore Finale Combined with the Justice League
Yes, the season finale of Jersey Shore aired last night. If you missed it—or if you can't stand it—watch this mashup with audio of Ron and Sam fighting set over video of the Justice League.