Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich acquired plenty of attention this week when he floated the idea that President Obama committed an "impeachable offense" by starting a war in Libya without congressional authorization last week, before flying to Brazil for a few days. Where in the Constitution, Kucinich asked, does it allow the president to jaunt off to Rio without even inviting Dennis Kucinich? And what about the "starting a war without telling anyone" thing, too?

Alas, Kucinich didn't find many allies in Congress who were willing to impeach the president (yet). He conceded last night, to Lou Dobbs, who apparently is back on television now, that an impeachment process is unlikely. From Politico:

Asked Thursday night if he sees support for impeachment building, the liberal Ohioan said it isn't. "No, I don't think that," he told Lou Dobbs on Fox Business Network. "Impeachment is a process. That's not going happen."

You can relax now, Obama.

[Image via AP]