You've got to hand it to that old ball-buster, Liz Taylor—she knew how to make an entrance. Taylor left specific instructions that she wanted to "be late for her own funeral," according to a family rep. So 15 minutes after the scheduled service time, pallbearers at Forest Lawn Memorial Park finally carried out the Cleopatra star in a casket "draped with gardenias, violets, and lily of the valley," where she was laid to rest in The Great Mausoleum—just a stone's throw from her longtime partner-in-crime, Michael Jackson.

The service was officiated by Rabbi Jerry Cutler, and included a poetry recitation by Colin Farrell. Yes, Colin Farrell. Apparently they were pretty tight. I'm picturing the two of them going to head-to-head at a sambuca-shooting contest, then Liz challenging Colin to "punch me in the gut as hard as you can. C'mon, Farrell! Show me what you're made of!!!"

[People, image of limos arriving at the cemetery via AP]