New York Times publisher Aurthur "Pinch" Sulzberger has some strange ideas about kids. While talking about the impending Times paywall, he offered a profile of the delinquents who will jump through elaborate hoops to beat the system: "It'll be mostly high school kids and people out of work."

Yeah, cause if there's anything rebellious teens are known for it's reading the New York Times under their covers at night. They'll do anything for a hit! It is every parent's nightmare to find a pile of yellowed Sunday Styles sections under little Johnny's bed. And once they get hooked on the sweet metaphors of Thomas Friedman, or the incisive Wall Street reporting of Andrew Ross Sorkin there's no going back. Yep, teens love keeping abreast of current events, forming rival gangs and battling it out in heated news quizzes on the playground blacktop.

Come on, Pinch: Don't you know the kids all get their news from Twitter and the backs of Silly Bandz packages these days?

[The Age via Daring Fireball. Image via Shutterstock]