Today at Gawker.TV, Jake Gyllenhaal's best male friend isn't helping the gay rumors, Trey Parker's secret 80s love ballads, Hoda Kotb's spanx-situation, Bradley Cooper has high hopes for The Hangover 2 and we take another look at Idol's Casey Abrams.

Jake Gyllenhaal's Life-long Best Friend Isn't Helping to Dispel Gay Rumors
On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jake Gyllenhaal talked about his male best friend, who isn't helping the rumors about his sexuality. This friend got caught "fixing Jake's tie" and screamed "yeah, baby!" when Jake won his BAFTA award.

Whoopi Goldberg Admits to Being Stoned During 1991 Oscar Acceptance Speech
This should satisfy your quota for 90s nostalgia for at least a week: TMZ dug up some old footage of Whoopi Goldberg's voice-over recording session for 1992's animated movie The Pagemaster (Yes—the animated movie starring Macaulay Culkin.)

American Idol: Let's Talk About Casey Abrams
Did you see Casey Abrams slay Marvin Gaye's "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" on American Idol last night? Wasn't he rad? No? What are you trying to say? That Casey Abrams isn't that great of a singer? Wait, that's exactly what you're trying to say?

Jimmy Fallon Digs Up Trey Parker's Original 80s Ballad "I Spit on Your Love"
Trey Parker has been in the business of writing funny songs for years: when he was 16, he recorded an album of love ballads with names like "Au Jus," "Dead Ballerina" and "You're Not Worth the Lint on My Toes."

Bradley Cooper Says The Hangover 2 Could Be "Just Amazing"
On the Today Show, Bradley Cooper was thrilled to talk about The Hangover 2, saying that director Todd Phillips is "at the top of his game" and said that Bangkok is like "Vegas on steroids." Sounds promising!

Colbert Gives His "Word" on Japan's Environmental Catastrophe
Stephen Colbert thinks America's emotions are far too high right now to be reviewing the safety of nuclear power plants. His suggestion? That we stay calm, keep breathing, and "find the courage to do nothing."

Watch Sherri Shepherd Sing a Love Song to a Roll of Toilet Paper
In a sponsored segment by the people at Charmin, the Queen of Jordan herself took to the top of a piano to sing a love ballad to the brand of toilet paper. WTF, indeed!

Hoda Kotb Has a "Spanx Issue" During Yoga Segment
During a demonstration of partner's yoga on the 4th hour of Today, Hoda had a bit of a freakout about her spanx and slip showing. Better her than Kathie Lee!

America's Next Top Model: The Mean Girls Unite
Is it Wednesday already? My how time flies for the Queen of Weave and her loyal subjects. Oh let's begin, shall we. Now, there exists in this world an alphabet soup of Mean Girl.

Modern Family: Jay and Mitchell's Gay Night Out
When Jay runs into Mitch and his friends, he joins them for a few absinthe-laced margaritas and gayness. 1 Nathan Lane + absinthe-laced margaritas = father/son reconciliation (and the funniest episode of Modern Family to date).

Preview: Seth Meyers and Martha Stewart Have a Case of the Giggles
Here's another clip from Martha's upcoming special Men Who Make Us Laugh (see: Conan O'Brien relaxing in "ecstasy chairs.") Seth helps Martha with the farm chores, rides horses, and collects eggs from underneath a chicken.

Vanessa Hudgens Brings Conan a Dead Ewok to Wear on his Head
After being spotted by the paparazzi wearing some kind of animal on her head, Vanessa Hudgens brought the very-same headwear for Conan to wear. Who wore it best?