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Two weeks after shooting a home invader dead with a pink .38-caliber gun, Florida beauty queen Meghan Brown is ready to cash in. The Daily reports that, in the days immediately after the shooting, Meghan "modeled thigh-high stockings and a black corset laced up with a hot pink ribbon—all while aiming a shiny pistol." Why, you ask?

I wanted to make some money. I wanted to capitalize on this. I'm the perfect example of why women should have a gun.

She's hoping for an NRA ad campaign.

On March 12, Meghan told police that career criminal Albert Hill pushed his way into the Tierra Verde, Fla. home she shares with fiance Bobby Planthaber Jr. and pet chihuahua Vixen. Bobby (age 43) heard the commotion and fought with Hill (age 42), at which point Meghan (age 25) ran to the bedroom, got her gun, came back, and shot Hill several times. She told the Daily Mail she's glad she killed him:

The way I see it is, the guy was a really bad guy and if it wasn't my bullets, it probably would have been the police officer's bullets. It's not like he was going to turn his life around.

Well, that was a little more callous than expected, but she's been through a life-threatening trauma, and everyone deals with that differently. She's still a badass and appropriate poster girl for the use of deadly force, right?

A year before the fatal shooting, Brown was arrested on charges of domestic violence against Planthaber. Brown refused to discuss the incident. According to St. Petersburg cops, Planthaber called for help after Brown beat him up when he tried to break up with her.

In the police report, Planthaber said she slapped him—and repeatedly hit him in the face and chest—while the two were arguing in a parked car. Brown admitted she slapped him, but said it was because he threw Vixen out of the car. Planthaber declined to press charges.

Hmm, that's a little uncomfortable. At least she's honest? Besides, Bobby tried to hurt Vixen! The couple resolved their issues and stayed together, so Meghan can still be a folk hero, right?

Brown said Hill was a stranger, but the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office said the relationship between the couple and Hill, who had previously been imprisoned for burglary, grand theft, selling cocaine, and other crimes, is unclear and the investigation is ongoing.

The news cycle has been really depressing lately—is a decent folk hero really so much to ask? Meghan Brown wants her money, and America needs to know whether or not we can lionize this gun-toting, cleavage-baring, property-defending capitalist with color-coordinated merchandise. So put a little hustle in it, Pinellas County Police Department! We're waiting. [The Daily, Daily Mail, Fox Nation, BayNews9, lingerie image via The Daily]