In your persnickety Thursday media column: Katharine Weymouth has a sweet gig, NPR fights back on "liberal bias," dark predictions for HuffPo, Steven Brill sells out, and Jay-Z mysteriously controls The Atlantic, apparently.

  • Washington Post publisher Katharine Weymouth got a bonus of nearly half a million dollars on top of a $537K base salary on top of another million bucks for "achieving pre-established goals," according to Footnoted. Whereas the Washington Post itself, you know, doesn't really make money, and the WaPoCo's stock was down for the year. Hey, who said you can't get rich in journalism?
  • NPR's Steve Inskeep pretty convincingly argues that charges of "liberal bias" against NPR are bullshit. Of course, "liberal" in this sense has to be understood as "nuanced," in which case the charges are totally accurate.
  • Capital New York predicts that "Within a year, several of the most high-profile editorial hires [at the Huffington Post] will leak out to a variety of other news organizations, some old and some new." We agree that this will likely happen. But not as quickly as it's going to happen at The Daily.
  • Remember Steven Brill's game-changing online payment company Journalism Online, which revolutionized online media forever, recently? Well, they're selling the company to R.R. Donnelley & Sons. Maybe they'll be able to make something out of it.
  • The Atlantic has apparently pulled from its website a story by Zack O'Malley Greenburg that says that Jay-Z makes millions of dollars promoting a certain brand of champagne. (The full story can be found here.) The magazine said on Tuesday it was "making some edits," but the story still hasn't reappeared. Conspiracy theories go in the comments, please.

[Photo: AP]