Did anyone lose a bomb in Detroit? Because there's one in the lost-and-found of a federal office building there. Or there was, for three weeks, until security guards decided to scan it and realized what they had.

The bomb was inside a package left outside the building, and picked up by a nonunion contracted security guard, who put it in the lost and found. And, as you might imagine, the Government Employees Local is having a field day:

[President of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 918 David] Wright called the mishap a "contracting mess," complaining that the use of private contractors impedes the security guard command structure.

"I cannot order one of these kinds of guards to do anything," he said.

The way we see it, though, this patriotic contract employee was just trying to preserve the sacred right to private property, and save that bomb for its rightful owner—while big government union thugs like David Wright just want to confiscate your bombs. Sick!

[CNN; image via Shutterstock]