Today we heard a tale about out-of-control actress creature Paz de la Huerta attacking a fellow clubgoer over a bitchy remark. Yikes! And this isn't the only time she's done it, according to one commenter.

From werewolf:

She got in my face about 10 years ago at bungalow 8. Remember the scene in Cheech and Chong when the lady snorts the clorox in the kitchen? Well de la Huerta literally kicked open the back door from the kitchen/offices (in the balcony), making grunting snorting noises like that, and started grinding up on this guy (umm, he was a stranger). So naturally, I burst into hysterical laughter. And naturally, she didn't like that much. She got about thisclose to my face and started screaming FUCK YOU over and over at the top of her lungs until her friend dragged her away. She was a little scary, actually.

Anyone else have Paz-attackstories??

[Photo via Getty]