Poet Craig Moreau has made one of the most hilarious YouTube videos I've seen in awhile. It seems like a parody of a self-important gay party boy poet who has written a book of poems called Chelsea Boy. But it's not a joke at all.

As the tipster who directed us to this video observed, not only is Craig Moreau deadly serious, a quick Google search reveals that he's also a bit of a wunderkind on the city's gay poetry scene—which is probably dwarfed in size by Park Slope's knitting scene. When Moreau reads the line "all disco balls slow down and eventually stop," or talks about his response to famous poet Allen Ginsberg's modern epic "Howl" called "Moo," he's being deadly serious.

His upcoming book, Chelsea Boy, complete with the author bare-chested on the cover, seems to be so elaborately stereotypical that it has to be a gag. "There's a series that goes through the book from an imaginary text called the Chelsea Boy Survival Guide and those are some of my favorites—because they're all about partying," Moreau says in his little commercial. Then he reads from the guide about doing shots of Jäger complete with footage of him in a tank top showing off his guns and knocking back shots with some boys at a bar. He is basically the gay poet version of Chet Haze. Then again, what else do you expect from an MFA student at NYU?

My favorite part, of course, is the book's Facebook page, which includes a vast selection of shirtless author photos.

If only Moreau's poetry prowess was as finely tuned as his abdominal muscles, he might be holding a National Book Award right now! In fact, we'd purchase a book of photos of Moreau long before we'd ever subject ourselves to his manuscript. Until then, we'll just go back to pretending his little video is satire. Because if you can't laugh at yourself, Craig, then life's just a disco ball spinning out of control.