A gleeful Chris Brown galavants around town after breaking Good Morning America's window. 50 Cent gives Chelsea Handler a backhanded compliment. Hugh Hefner's fiancee may already be cheating. Wednesday gossip shakes its haters off.

After storming out of the building half-naked, Breezy disguised himself as a mild-mannered, eyeglasses-wearing nerd for a trip to an art gallery, then flashed a peace sign after a game of pickup basketball in Washington Square. Just a regular ol' boy-next-door type who flies into destructive rages at the drop of a hat. [TMZ, TMZ, Radar, Crushable, Peace sign image via Splash, eyeglasses image via Bauer-Griffin]

  • So, is rageaholic Chris Brown bulletproof, or what? No legal repercussions, invited back to GMA, album sales strong. The only thing he might lose is next week's Dancing with the Stars appearance, depending whether they have enough time to bolt all of the chairs to the floor before he gets there.[Popeater, XX]
  • Christina Aguilera has joined Twitter, and in the process revived the moniker Xtina. Fingers crossed for entertaining drunk tweets? [@TheRealXtina]
  • Lindsay Lohan partied at seven nightclubs in four days in New York City, "clutching onto her signature can of Red Bull" and "texting nonstop." One person saw her drinking a cocktail (alcoholic? and how would an onlooker know?) and another person saw her order beer-battered lobster tacos, which doesn't count as drinking, but ooohhh, so close. [People]
  • Hugh Hefner fiancee Crystal Harris may already be having an affair. Her secret lover: Dr. Phil son Jordan McGraw. Can't wait for Dr. Phil to turn this into a super disgusting televised group therapy session on intergenerational love and bad daddy boundaries. [Celebitchy]
  • 50 Cent thinks Chelsea Handler is "cool" but not fuckable: "Chelsea is confident. I think confidence is the sexiest thing about a person. She's the kind of person that if you're blessed with the opportunity to hang out with her, you'll enjoy it. I'm not sure you'll look at her and actually want to jump over the table and fuck her, but you might. You would leave after talking with her feeling that she is a cool person." Talk about backhanded. In other news, Fiddy is against face tattoos: "That's the craziest thing. Not necessarily Gucci, but to tattoo your face says that there's not a possibility that you can walk into a legitimate establishment without makeup covering your face every day. That does not work. It creates a separation. It says, 'I'm an artist.' That's it… But know that the public will not have interest in you as an artist for life." Who knew he was so passive-aggressive? [Vibe]
  • After rehab and a long period of silence, Demi Lovato is back at work on Disney's So Random sketch comedy show, which is apparently the show within Demi's show. (Sonny with a Chance is meta?) Disney is doing it "to keep the staff, cast, and crew employed." [E!, @ddlovato]
  • Lady Gaga only has tattoos on the left side of her body, "per my father's request. He asked that I remain, on one side, slightly normal." It comes in handy for naked photo shoots, too. By the way, did you know Gaga has the symbol for the Campaign of Nuclear Disarmament on her wrist? Not expected, but not out of place, either. [ShowBizSpy]
  • A previously unreleased, decade-old David Bowie album leaked online as a torrent, which means it's probably illegal to download it, but since a Bowie album is significantly less embarrassing than Teen Anal Nightmare 3, it's already ubiquitous. [Antiquiet]
  • Rachel Zoe might be in labor! Hee-hee-hoo to you, Ms. Rosenzweig. [TooFab]