Earlier this week, Lady Gaga dropped by the Googleplex for a chat with Google VP Marissa Mayer. Luckily for the Internet, Google posted the entire 73-minute video to YouTube, in case you've got some dead time while marinating a skirt steak.

The vibe on stage was pretty awkward. Let's just say Marissa Mayer will not be making an appearance in Lady Gaga's next weird music video. We learn that Gaga's favorite YouTube video is "David at the Dentist," and Gaga admits to googling herself, backing up Katy Perry's claim that "any artist who says they don't Google their name is a big fat liar." Googling "Lady Gaga" gives you more than 440,000,000 results, which makes Gaga the queen of the celebrity Self-Googlers. It's amazing she has time to make music!