Don't steal laptops! And if you do steal a laptop, don't use its built-in camera to record yourself dancing to "Make It Rain," the way the fellow dancing to "Make It Rain" in the video above did.

The computer he recorded this video on belongs to a young entrepreneur named Mark Bao. (Belonged?) Bao was able to access the storage cloud to which the laptop was backing up; there, he found the video, as well as enough browser history to identify the thief through Facebook.

"[T]he guy turned the laptop to the police this morning," Bao posted on Reddit, "and he sent me a heartfelt message asking me to remove the video." (The message is below.) Bao says he's not going to take the video down, which seems kind of mean (it's just a laptop! The guy learned his lesson!) but, well, as Bao points out, the kid who stole the laptop is "not in a position to bargain."

Either way, the takeaway from this is: When stealing a laptop, clean wipe the hard drive first thing. Also, never record yourself dancing, even on your own laptop, because it's just embarrassing.

[BetaBeat via Reddit]