Like many people, we never got invited to one of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's infamous Bunga-Bunga orgies. But now, thanks to photos from laptops and cellphones, seized by Italian prosecutors, we can live vicariously!

Based on these photos, though, the parties look kind of like... Halloween night in New Jersey? (Sexy cellphone self-portrait? Check. Cleavage-revealing costume? Check. Self-conscious girl-on-girl kissing? Check.) There are, besides the "sexy" pictures, photos of a library (?) and bedroom (?) where the Bunga Bunga party apparently took place. Use them to throw your own personal Bunga Bunga party!

The policewoman (not actually a policewoman) is "television showgirl Barbara Guerra, 32" (the other women are unidentified); the photos are part of (the best part of!) a "20,000 page prosecution dossier" detailing the case against the embattled prime minister, who is accused of hiring an underage prostitute and generally being a corrupt creep.

(Interesting detail: Bunga Bunga party attendee Karima Keyek says that Berlusconi was taught about Bunga Bunga parties by his buddy, Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi.)