Today we learned about a new Yelp category that will warn you if a bar or restaurant is too hipstery. Important thing to know! Though, at this point, with this overused and meaningless word, what are we even talking about anymore? Well, we are not talking about this guy, for one.

From athoyd:

I have been referred to as a hipster from time to time and I am 99% sure it is purely because I have glasses with big thick dark frames (most times I am wearing a crewcut, jeans, a shirt with at most two colors on it somewhere, and whatever shoe I currently find the most comfy, which is not what I am lead to believe hipsters wear). I wear thick frames for a number of reasons but mainly because wire frames make me look like a serial killer.

So next time you hit that hipster button on Yelp, ask yourself "maybe that guy at the bar drinking Rogue Pale Ale just has terrible astigmatism and he needs thick frames to support his astonishingly powerful Karl Zeiss-designed nerd lenses." And maybe he's listening to a Bibio album because it's fun good times, not because he's trying to mack on some chick with a septum piercing! (Because he's too shy to do that anyway.)

As a fellow non-"hipster," chunky glasses wearer, I like this fellow. And I think someone should be friends with or date him. He's shy! Approach him!

[Image via Shutterstock]