Data from the 2010 U.S. census continues to trickle out, and with each new set of numbers, a fuller picture of our terrifying changing nation emerges. We need a whole new set of stereotypes, for chrissake. Today, we learn the shocking flipside to the trend of white kids overrunning our nation's cities: there are not quite so many black people in our nation's cities!

It appears that after countless decades spent in the less attractive parts of icy northern urban hellscapes, African-Americans are like, "fuck this." USA Today reports:

"In the Northern cities, a lot of young blacks who might have grown up in cities are leaving maybe the entire region," says William Frey, demographer at the Brookings Institution who analyzed the data. "They're going to the Sun Belt and particularly the South. The ones who stay in the area want to move to the suburbs."

The reversal of the "Great Migration" of black people from South to North, combined with an aging black population and the progressive ebb of historic discrimination patterns, are reshaping our nation in a way that renders the old "black inner city, white suburbs" stereotype quaint and outmoded.

But hey, any group that gets a taste of the suburbs for a generation will send their kids fleeing right back to the cities a couple decades from now. Suburbs suck.

[USAT. Photo: Shutterstock]