Music site Spinning Soul reports that R&B/disco legend Loleatta Holloway died "following a brief illness." Holloway, who started her career as a gospel and R&B singer, found success as a disco act in the late 1970s—but she might be most famous for providing the hook for Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch's "Good Vibrations" (a sample from her "Love Sensation.") Above, Holloway performing "Hit & Run."

Oddly, and sadly, Holloway wasn't the only disco luminary to pass away on Monday: Kurt Hauenstein, the Austrian musician behind space-disco hippies Supermax, died of heart failure in Vienna on Monday morning. Supermax was the first band with both black and white musicians to tour South Africa, and Hauenstein was the first white musicain to play the Sunsplash festival in Jamaica. Below, Supermax performing their biggest hit, "Love Machine," on Dutch TV: