Today at Gawker.TV, highlights from The Pee-Wee Herman Show, Megan Mullally lends her voice to an artist obsessed with animal butts, The Soup gets on board with Rebecca Black and Top Chef's Carla Hall talks about the show's boys club.

Carla Hall Talks Sexism on Top Chef
Andy Cohen asked another one of his "reader questions" about whether or not Carla's male competitors took her seriously throughout her time on the Top Chef. Carla went ahead and called sexism, stating a definite "boys club" and "girls club."

Highlights From HBO's Presentation of The Pee-Wee Herman Show
If you didn't get the chance to see The Pee-Wee Herman Show during its run on Broadway, HBO has you covered. If you can handle seeing your favorite Playhouse pals all grown up, here's the best clips of the show!

The Soup Takes on Rebecca Black and the Ark Music Factory
You're kidding yourself if you thought that Joel McHale and the Soup crew wouldn't have a field day with the Rebecca Black and the new trend of terrible tween music videos.

The Celebrity Apprentice: Country Songs for Camping Town, Gary Busey Receives the Gift of Hearing
Last night's task on Celebrity Apprentice was to showcase a series of campers. When John Rich came up with a country-esque jingle, insults began to fly about the intelligence level of the average American country music fan.

Megan Mullally Guest Stars as Looney Aunt Linda on Bob's Burgers
On last nights episode of Bob's Burgers, Megan Mullally guest-starred as Bob's cooky sister-in-law that visits during the town's yearly art crawl. She uses the diner as a place to display her unique art—paintings of animal anuses.

Vanessa Minnillo Would Rather N Sync to Reunite to Play at Her Wedding to Nick Lachey
When asked by Billy Bush if the perfect ending to her wedding to Nick Lachey would be a reunion of all the 98* boy-band members, Vanessa outed herself as an N Sync fan and a "total Justin Timberlake groupie." Oops!

Robert Pattinson Discusses His Vanity Fair Shoot with an Alligator
On the Tonight Show, Robert Pattinson talked about his start in acting (by following the hot girls to drama club) and his Vanity Fair cover—which he called "Boy George with a twist."

Kim Kardashian Feels Left Out on Her Own Reality Show
On Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Khloe returns to help open their New York store. Kim starts feeling left out when Khloe and Kourtney take part in sisterly activities like humping each other and wearing furry hats without her.

The Kids Take Over as Parents on Family Guy
Last night on Family Guy, Peter and Lois switch places with the kids. When Chris takes over Peter's job and responsibilities, he does extremely until the stress becomes too much and he buckles under the weight of his responsibilities.

See Barbara Walters Mistakenly Call Jim Gaffigan Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Sure, Jim Gaffigan has mentioned his likeness to Phillip Seymour Hoffman in his stand-up routine, but now that Barbara Walters has made the same connection, it's comedy gold.

Julie Bowen Revisits Her Role in Happy Gilmore, Teases Extra Footage Involving a Dwarf
Access Hollywood Live chose to look back at Julie's role in Adam Sandler's Happy Gilmore. She fondly remembered Shooter McGavin's pelvic thrust—and revealed that somewhere there's cut footage of her making out with a dwarf.

Tonight on How I Met Your Mother: Barney Finally Meets His Father
In tonight's very-appropriately titled episode—Legendaddy—Barney's father will show up at his door while the gang is inside trying to get the TV to work. Spoilers ahead!