We know, this week was a busy one: with the Northeast's warm weather and everyone else celebrating St. Patrick's Day—how dare NBC show their comedies on the same night?!—so here's a roundup of everything you may have missed.

Jimmy Fallon Sings the "Charles in Charge" Theme Song as Bob Dylan
Here's a treat from last night's edition of Late Night: Jimmy Fallon performing as Bob Dylan and singing the Charles in Charge theme song. Note that his impression of Dylan is just as good as his impression of Neil Young.

Watch Paula Deen React to "Paula Deen Riding Things" and Discuss Her Unborn Grandchild's "Little Butthole"
Today Paula Deen filled in for Kathie Lee and shared her personal speculations about her future grandchildren's sonograms: seeing a "big round, rosebud" and "two little balls." The proud Grandma exclaimed, "We gonna have three buttholes and six balls by July!"

See Jimmy Fallon Thank Tiger Woods for Over a Year's Worth of Monologue Material
Tiger Woods visited Late Night for the first time in a year and a half last night. Immediately, Fallon thanked Woods for having the courage to appear on his show again—and then apologized for a year's worth of jokes about him.

Watch Donald Glover Perform as Host of Last Night's MTV Woodie Awards
Let me begin by saying that I thought I was "hip" to what the kids were listening to—until I tuned into this college-targeted awards show last night. Regardless, Community's Don Glover provided entertainment for the rest of us.

Mindy Kaling Talks About Working with Will Ferrell on The Office
Can't say we blame Mindy for breaking while filming scenes with Will Ferrell. So what does she channel to fight off the giggles? An awful YouTube video of a woman throwing a cat into a bag and then a river. Sound familiar?

See Olivia Munn Sample St. Patrick's Day Fare, Act Inappropriately on the Today Show
Love her or hate her, Olivia Munn took Kathie Lee's chair today and was just as annoying—or wonderful, if you like her—as she was last time. Watch as she sucks from a wine rack and declares that what she did was Soup-worthy. We'll see, Olivia. We'll see.

Every Painful Moment From Last Night's Bachelor Finale Extravaganza
It's finally over! Brad Womack's second chance at love has come and gone-and ended in quite a complicated fashion! He proposes to Emily—who accepts—but we discover in the After the Final Rose special that things aren't exactly "peachy" now.

Jimmy Kimmel Brings Back Hollywood Hotties For His New "Miracle Diet"
Last night, Jimmy Kimmel Live aired its sequel to the "Hottie Body Hump Club" (the female response to the Handsome Men's Club that had Lindsay Lohan's kind-of comeback.) Here's part two—featuring many more "hotties" and Neil Patrick Harris!

Tyra Banks Contemplates Wearing Suspenders With Boobs
On this morning's Access Hollywood Live, Tyra responded to Kit Hoover's compliment about her outfit by sharing her struggle: "Where do you put them when you have boobs? Over the boob or on the side of the boob?"

Amy Poehler Makes an Appeal to Bill Murray to Appear on Parks and Recreation
On Late Night, Amy Poehler proposed a way that would make the show even more hilarious. Have Bill Murray play the mayor. Since Bill Murray has no representation or accessible contact information, Amy had to ask him on national television.

And we're just getting started! Many, many more of this week's not-to-be-missed TV moments, after the jump...

Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, and Ken Jeong Take Over Attack of the Show!
With all G4TV regulars busy on location, Danny Pudi and Alison Brie from Community usurped the hosting duties on Attack of the Show! yesterday, and it was AWESOME.

Ted Danson Interviews in Complete Darkness and Shares His Farewell Video For Steve Carell on Late Night
Ted Danson appeared on Late Night to promote his new eco-friendly book, so the show went dark and held the interview using only two flashlights. We also got a glimpse of Ted and Mary Steenburgen's farewell tape for Steve Carell.

The Justin Bieber Movie Had Jason Bateman "Bawling Like a Little Schoolgirl"
On Regis and Kelly, Jason Bateman outed himself as a "belieber" after having seen Never Say Never with his daughter. While Kelly similarly had an emotional experience with the film, Regis chides, "You're Jason Bateman, man, pull yourself together!"

Martha Stewart Makes Her First Appearance on the Late Late Show
Given that Martha had never been on Craig Ferguson's show, she couldn't help but comment on the little man painted in gold or the fake horse named Secretariat that they keep backstage.

Parks and Recreation: The Harvest Festival
Pawnee finally held its Harvest Festival, but not without a few bumps in the road on the way. Leslie is in the unfortunate position of putting on a "cursed" event, and the local news has a Taiwanese animation to prove it!

Bradley Cooper's Inside The Actors Studio Nightmare
Not everyone is aware that James Lipton's Inside The Actors Studio is also a class that acting students attend regularly. Last night on the Late Show, Bradley Cooper revealed the time he embarrassed himself in front of Robert De Niro.

Jimmy Kimmel Gives Adam Scott a Hard Time About His GQ Fashion Spread

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host grilled Adam Scott about a slew of magazine appearances: the first, being the Entertainment Weekly cover that he was mysteriously absent from, a new cover featuring just his "family," and his sleek spread for GQ.

Steve Martin Reveals the Secret to Great Banjo Playing on The View
Not only is Steve Martin a comedy icon; he's also an accomplished bluegrass musician. On The View, he shared how he keeps his banjo picking fingers in great shape—by getting acryllic nails at the nail salon, of course!

Kristen Wiig's Mother Hates Her SNL Character Gilly
After Jimmy Kimmel called Wiig the "Kobe Bryant of SNL," Kristen humbly spoke about the inspirations of her characters. Yes, Target Lady was real woman who worked at the Burbank Target, but Gilly was a creation all her own.

Amy Ryan Teases Michael and Holly's "Proposal" on The Office
The Office's Amy Ryan insists that knowing there's a proposal on the way will not spoil anything, saying that it "happens in true Michael Scott fashion" and that it took the show's crew two days to clean up after filming.

America's Next Top Model: Models on Fire
Happy St. Patrick's Day ladies and germs! Spring is nigh and Tyra has officially dropped the Banks from her name. It's good to be alive.

Marisa Tomei Would Love to Play Lady Gaga in a Movie
On The View, Joy told Marisa Tomei that Lady Gaga had suggested her for the starring role in a future Gaga biopic. Turns out, Marisa's game for the challenge, considering they're both Italian...and they already share the same wardrobe.

First Look: Drew Carey's Improv-a-ganza
Is there a lack of improvisation in your life? Do you miss the days of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Seeing Drew Carey in your primetime lineup? If you said yes to any of these, this is your lucky day.

Howard Stern Is Done With Late Night Shows
Howard usually doesn't appear on a talk show unless he meets with his psychiatrist first, which might explain his rant. He goes off about Conan, The Tonight Show, and Late Night after calling himself a "student of late night television."

Community: Chang Grows Up
On last night's Community, Shirley enlisted the help of Jeff to get Chang to hand over his parental rights to his maybe-baby—but ended up inspiring him to become an adult instead.

Billy Ray Cyrus Claims Fame Destroyed his Family
Walking haircut Billy Ray Cyrus stopped by The View to discuss how fame has destroyed his family. Word of advice, Billy Ray? Things won't get better if you keep giving interviews about your daughter on national television.

The Royal Wedding, the Queen, and Knighting: Simon Pegg Talks All Things British
Simon Pegg stopped by The Tonight Show to promote his upcoming alien flick, Paul. He discusses America's fascination with the Royal Wedding and how he'd like to Knight himself.

Martha Stewart Surprises Us with a Baby Armadillo
"Check out this boring wicker ball I made. PSYCH. It's actually an adorable armadillo. You're welcome." - Martha Stewart

Archer Gets Breast Cancer
When Archer goes with Mallory to get her breast cancer test results back, the doctor gives Mallory a clear bill of health-and finds a lump in Archer's chest instead.

Great Drunken Moments in Local TV News
Let's take a moment to celebrate everyone's favorite type of drunken spectacle—the kind captured live on television. Here, we've compiled some of the greatest tanked TV news moments, proving that live reporting and alcohol shouldn't mix.

Meet Your New Bachelorette
Is it really any surprise that Ashley is the next Bachelorette? She was definitely a fan-favorite from the very first date of this season of The Bachelor, and seemed just a little too excited to be at last week's reunion.

Bill Hader On Paul, Comic Books, and "Nerd Porn"
SNL's resident alien Bill "Greg" Hader plays an ET-hunting G-man in Paul, but in reality he's comfortingly nerdy, bonding with the film's cast over comics and re-enacting all of the other iconic movies filmed in Las Vegas, New Mexico.