Today at Gawker.TV, Howard Stern goes on a rant about late night talk shows, Martha Stewart surprises her audience with a baby armadillo, Rebecca Black mania, and Jimmy Fallon sings the Charles in Charge theme dressed as Bob Dylan.

Howard Stern Is Done With Late Night Shows
Howard usually doesn't appear on a talk show unless he meets with his psychiatrist first, which might explain his rant. He goes off about Conan, The Tonight Show, and Late Night after calling himself a "student of late night television."

Parks and Recreation: The Harvest Festival
Pawnee finally held its Harvest Festival, but not without a few bumps in the road on the way. Leslie is in the unfortunate position of putting on a "cursed" event, and the local news has a Taiwanese animation to prove it!

Jimmy Fallon Sings the "Charles in Charge" Theme Song as Bob Dylan
Here's a treat from last night's edition of Late Night: Jimmy Fallon performing as Bob Dylan and singing the Charles in Charge theme song. Note that his impression of Dylan is just as good as his impression of Neil Young.

Hoda Kotb and Matt Bomer Rock Out to Rebecca Black's "Friday"
Okay, it's official—Rebecca Black has invaded everything. See White Collar's Matt Bomer and Hoda dance along to "Friday" while discussing the infectious song.

Community: Chang Grows Up
On last night's Community, Shirley enlisted the help of Jeff to get Chang to hand over his parental rights to his maybe-baby—but ended up inspiring him to become an adult instead.

Billy Ray Cyrus Claims Fame Destroyed his Family
Walking haircut Billy Ray Cyrus stopped by The View to discuss how fame has destroyed his family. Word of advice, Billy Ray? Things won't get better if you keep giving interviews about your daughter on national television.

Halle Berry is Human and Sweats Like Everyone Else
Stars, they're just like us! Halle Berry appeared on Ellen this afternoon following a group of impressive Indian dancers. They made her so nervous, she said, that she sweat right through her dress before her appearance.

See Steven Tyler's "Creepy Leer of the Night"
The folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live pointed out this little clip from last night's American Idol: Steven Tyler's "Creepy Leer of the Night." I suppose it's better than Steven Tyler's "Creepy Come-on of the Night" though, right?

Martha Stewart Surprises Us with a Baby Armadillo
"Check out this boring wicker ball I made. PSYCH. It's actually an adorable armadillo. You're welcome." - Martha Stewart

Archer Gets Breast Cancer
When Archer goes with Mallory to get her breast cancer test results back, the doctor gives Mallory a clear bill of health-and finds a lump in Archer's chest instead.

Jena Malone Discusses Her Vigorous Training Process for Sucker Punch
Sure, Natalie Portman did years of ballet to prepare for Black Swan, but could she pull off 250-lb dead-lifts? Exactly. Jena Malone details her workout routine she used to train for her new movie Sucker Punch.

Great Drunken Moments in Local TV News
Let's take a moment to celebrate everyone's favorite type of drunken spectacle—the kind captured live on television. Here, we've compiled some of the greatest tanked TV news moments, proving that live reporting and alcohol shouldn't mix.